Friday, 17 February 2012

Book Nine- Disgrace

Yes I did read this in a day, I had to after the interesting experience of Tropic of Cancer, I needed to get the images out of my head.

Disgrace, the story of a man's fall from his profession after sleeping with one of his pupils. He refuses to apologies and is cast of acceptable society. His relations with women is stretched, he has two divorces and an estranged daughter. 

It is the focus on his relationship with his daughter Lucy that dominates the book. It looks the only way to redeem David, yet after a brutal attack on her farm, where he cannot save her from a terrifying rape, the book goes into a downward spiral. 

It is sad because David Lures seems on the path to recovery, but Coetzee never forgives his main characters sexual escapades at the beginning. The themes are about the failures of the human condition, and the debate between Lucy and David over whether she should keep the baby of her attackers is a moral dilemma. 

It is a easy book to read, it is fast paced and also it raises many social questions that you think about throughout the book. It isn't the expected ending but it is worthy of the title modern classic.

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