Friday, 27 January 2012

Book Five - Ivanhoe

With the historical setting of the King John and King Richard then throw in a dash of Robin Hood, and what do you get? Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe is the Victorian equivalent of Action Man I would go to as far to say, and 500 odd pages later and you have a satisfying happy ending.

Ivanhoe's journey for love is a story to the knights of old, chivalrous and moral, because the Victorians liked a moral story.  He fights along side King Richard after being disinherited for a) supporting the king and b) loving the beautiful Lady Rowena.

The reference to Jews was surprising, the character Rebecca faces persecution after being accused of witchcraft due to her incredible beauty and being confused for the Lady Rowena.

Though set in a different period, Scott does not make it a historical novel, he romanticises the part of King Richard who often sweeps in to save the day. Both Ivanhoe and Richard symbolise hope and unification.

Themes of bravery, false identity, love and passion for country are the key players.

It is the book for boys the equivalent of Chris Ryan or even Ian Fleming just without the gadgets and set in 1194.

The Quest to complete 52 books continues....

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