Friday, 6 January 2012

Book One - For Whom The Bells Toll

For Whom The Bells Toll is a brilliantly written book.

Ernest Hemingway's experiences of the Spanish Civil War are central to the plot. The sometimes squimish details appear real because he has experienced them.

One scene in particular, the dealing of Fascist priests is one to read when you have an empty stomach. It is powerful and reveals that the Republicans could be just as brutal and the Fascists.

His descriptions are meticulous, and you can see his journalist instinct as he records everything.

The inclusion of his character, Robert Jordan's romance with Maria, possibly reflects his relationship with Martha Gelhorn, a fellow American journalist as he dedicates the book to her.

It is 490 pages long and its ending is an interesting one, leaving many questions about the war and the people in it.

So 1 down 51 to go.

Rowen's Review

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