Saturday, 21 January 2012

Book Four - Tom Jones

This was a steep book, 851 pages but it was amusing even if it is in old English.

Tom Jones has his heart set is in the right place. He is compassionate and thoughtful, but his flaws often make him look a villain with the other characters. The irony is that it is the deception and villainy of the other characters such as Blifil that makes the ending satisfying.

Also I loved Sophia, she does not come across pathetic as other women in literature do trying to win their love. She fights her father, who she was the apple of his eye to be with Tom, rather than marry for status or a good match.

Now Lady Bellaston, she is the epitome of a jealous woman who will do anything to get rid of the competition. Where Sophia represents the breed of women we should look up to, Lady Bellaston is nothing more than scheming and callous to the point of blood boiling,

With themes considered quite risque for the 18th century, sex outside marriage, mistaken incest, attempted rape, jealously and violence. Fielding did his bit as the narrator, often coming in and interjecting in a way which said Don't judge me, just get off your high horse and read it.

It was an entertaining book, but you have to take time to absorb it. Often I would read it and misinterpreted it and it changed the context completely. The best parts are the names of the chapters, no author I have ever read puts that much effort into giving them names.

Tom Jones is enjoyable and broke conventions of the time, its worth the reward when you get through it, and hey its book four off the list!

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